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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by wrxguy, Jul 7, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    So I just got the new LG VX9900 aka the ENv and I want to put custom ring tones and music and such on it but I am having troubles. I make the ringtones using qt and itunes then bluetooth then to my phone, or atleast that is how i WAS doing it before. That doesn't seem to work on the ENv, I think it may only take WMV's but I am not sure.

    Any help here!!???
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    Okay i've had the EnV for about 7 months now and let me tell you it's a huge disappointment. I knew verizon crippled their phones features but i had no idea it was this bad. It's ridiculous of the things you have to do to get things in to this phone when in other phones you can do it in a flash.

    I recommend you get a microsd card cause it will make everything much easier. specially with the music part. All you need a microsd card reader the card and you can just drop in the music to the music folder in the card (the phone formats the card with the folders when you stick it in). It only plays mp3's and wma's. And if any song has text tags longer than 32 characters the song will not show up in the phones mp3 player. I found my self shortening tags all the time. The other way to add music to the phone is using that stupid overpriced usb cable that verizon sells. And the software that comes with it only works on windows based pc's and with windows media player 10, not 11 which is the newest one.

    Now with the ringtones. When you first insert your microsd card in to your phone the phone formats it with a series of folders one for your pics, music, videos, and your sounds. Don't let that "your sounds" folder fool ya because that is not your ringtones folder. Any audio file you drop in there will be visible and playable in your phone but you cannot use it as a ringtone. So the only way you can download ringtones is if pay for them from verizon or create them and e-mail them to your phone (which is what i do). I have tried time after time to bluetooth some ringtones to my phone but the phone is retarded and doesn't accept them. I tried receiving some from friends phones via bluetooth but the phone doesn't accept them either. Other phones don't even recognize my phone at all. Someone could send them via MMS and that would work too.

    But yeah, good luck with the phone. I am getting rid of it as soon as possible and leaving verizon.
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    putting music, ringtones and videos on the lg env(9900)

    to put music on the env convert the music .wma which is the format that the vcast music plays. If you have a memory card put the music on the memory card in the folder ladled music.

    ringtones, buy the music essentials cable. all you need is the drivers for the env and the cable then download bitpim. If bit pim does not want to open if it gives you an error download what it's saying the error is from google and just paste the file program files bitpim. install the drivers for the phone you don't have to install music manager then open up bitpim it will search for your phone when it finds your phone go to media ringtons drag an mp3 file into there hit convert then ok then hit send data to phone and check ringtones and ok it will take 2-3 minutes.

    Videos download psp video 9 (that's what i use) trancode new video find the video, go to setup and make sure the video is set for the resolution of the phone and hit convert. when the files are done manually go to progranm files psp video 9 mnroot or nmroot and in one of those files there it will be. Rename them to the video that you chose and put them on your memory card in flix both of the files
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    You can send ringtones from your computer to your enV by putting them on your phone via bluetooth, then sending them to yourself in a pix message, then saving the sound you receive as a ringtone. Roundabout, I know, but it works.

    I went on the Verizon website to download the drivers but couldn't find them, and the one thing I did find couldn't be installed on a Mac...does anyone have the actual link?
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    the program bitpim will only allow you to send ringtones via the cable that you buy from verizon with that cable you get the drivers for the phone and for allot of other phones to (a couple of phones that aren"t listened their still work with other phone drivers) the drivers for the phone come on a driver disc that comes with the cable. I found that is the easiest way to do it and it is almost free all you have to pay is $33. You can even add contacts that way
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    Mar 1, 2008
    I downloaded Bitpim, which obviously won't work until I get a cable. I have a music essentials cable on the way ($5 on ebay), but can anyone give me any tips for just getting the Bluetooth connection to work at all. It seems like it can be done, according to people on the internet. I have tried setting the phone as discoverable (I wish it would stay that way for more than 1 minute at a time) but my iBook can't find it. I have tried setting the iBook to discoverable and getting the phone to find it, but it can't. I have a green enV and an iBook G4. Any tricks would be much appreciated.

    I do have a card reader and a microSD card on the way, but I am just trying to get the Bluetooth connection to work to try it out! Thanks so much.
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    To make sounds work as ringtones, just text the sound you want to yourself. Then go into the text, press options, and save as ringtone. And I'm guessing that if you have an enV, then you have texting.
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    Worked like a charm!! Thanks alot....:)

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