LG External GE24 software for Mac..Help

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    Nov 10, 2010
    Someone please help me.. I have just purchased my first IMac and absolutely love it. I needed Light scribe so that I can label my brides CDs so I went and bought the LG External Ge24 with LightScribe. It says that it is compatible with Mac and that I need to find the Mac software for this device to start using it. I have been searching for two days and no luck. Please if someone has some answers for me I would appreciate the help.

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    Jan 25, 2009
    Welcome to Mac. Did it come with a CD/DVD with drivers and or software on it? Did you install the drivers/software?
  3. d2y, Dec 23, 2010
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    Dec 23, 2010
    Welcome to Mac.

    I just bought the LG external GE24. Hooked it up, plugged in and put in a disk. My Mom's iMac (20" Dec 2007) found it and ran the disk. The disk is the Snow Leopard upgrade/install disk. Worked without a hitch. I had to buy and use the external GE24 because the internal superdrive that came in the iMac is broken.

    The Installation CD that came with the drive is for Windows only.

    Note: the apple DVD player will not run a video DVD from an external player. Licensing restrictions. If you try, you will get this message:

    There was an initialization error
    A valid DVD drive could not be found. {-70012}

    I downloaded the VLC player (free) and this works fine if I ever want to watch a DVD from the external LG GE24.

    Interesting though, my iMac (21.5' Oct 2009) has a functioning internal superdrive. When I plug the LG GE24 into my iMac, the apple DVD player will play a video DVD.

    I have not tried to burn to the GE24, but I'll bet it works using the normal Mac software to burn CD's and DVD's.

    Have fun.
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    Feb 2, 2011
    LG ge 24 super multi drive with Mac

    I just bought an LG GE 24. I plugged it in and it didn't show up. But it does show up in Disk Utilities. If you plug a music CD into it you will see the CD in finder. You don't need any special software for that. To get the lightscribe working go to Lightscribe.com and download the lightscribe software for mac. Double click the tar file and it will uncompress then install the app. Nothing will show up. No worries. Download the lightscribe simple labeler from lightscribe.com. Install that. It will show up in your Applications folder.

    That's all you have to do. I just burned a music CD from iTunes no problems, then launched the simple labeler app and labeled the other side. It works great!

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