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    Dec 13, 2011
    I recentlyupdated my lg l90 tho lollipop. This phone has 8gb of storage. Even before thr lollipop update i had this same problem.

    The phone is giving me low storage warnings. When i looker at the storage summary in the settings app, something is terribly amiss. The storage summary of reporting that my apps are using 4gb of space, and that's just not possible. All possible apps are using the sd card for storage, and i only have about 5 apps beyond the stock install. Facebook is the biggest, chiming in art a huge 190 mb. There is no way these apps takeout 4gb. I've done a factory reset and restore and ended up with the exact same problem after a couple of days. I tried tho enter recovery mode to clear out the cache partition, but I'm apparently locked out of recovery mode on this phone.

    What else can i do?
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    Dec 13, 2011
    On the of chance that anyone else had this problem, I did figure out what was happening and I'll share it here.

    The problem was with amazon music. I had the app set to store all of the music on my SD card and the settings app was reporting 30mb or so on internal storage and a couple of GB on the SD card. So, it shouldn't have been the problem. I uninstalled it anyway to troubleshoot and suddenly I freed up over 2gb of internal storage space. Problem solved (except I apparently can't use that app anymore).

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