LG Resolves Quality Issues with iPad 2 Display Production

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    Last month, word surfaced that Apple had shifted orders for iPad 2 displays away from LG Display after the company experienced quality issues with its production. The issues were said to be related to an unacceptably high number of panels failing drop testing.


    Digitimes now reports that those issues have been resolved, and iPad 2 display panel shipments have returned to normal at LG Display, which is reported to have produced 4 million panels in August.
    The report notes that Apple is expected to see shipments of 12-15 million iPad 2 units this quarter, but just last week the site claimed that Foxconn would be producing up to 20 million units this quarter.

    Article Link: LG Resolves Quality Issues with iPad 2 Display Production
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    I Love L.A.

    His quote was very creative and was adding VALUE, as you put it, and contributed immensely to this rumors site. Take a chill pill. :)
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    I guess we can say that LG is free from that Tangle? ... Tangle, get it? :D
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    Keduanya terlihat serasi dengan busana pengantin untuk ijab kabul yang serba putih.

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