LG Ultrafine (4K) - Upgrading to 16 MBP? (From 13')


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Jan 21, 2008
Hi all,

I currently have a 2018 13' Macbook Pro. I pair this up with my 4K LG Ultrafine with I absolutely love. I'm in the SEO industry, so my intensive tasks are not really that "intensive" too being with. No video editing, sound editing and all that jazz. Mainly just web apps and productivity apps. Regardless, I'm looking to move up to a larger portable screen during those times of need. So, I'm planning to jump to a new 16' MBP within a month or two.

With that said, I didn't even consider power draw and that the new 16' would consume more power than my current 13'. I'm aware the 4K display only handles 65W versus the 87W I'd need to charge the 16' MBP.

Based on some other threads and some other web research, it seems like my situation will still be OK as long as I'm not gaming or doing crazy intensive tasks as I mentioned up above, which I don't do anyway. I could always keep the OEM 16' MBP charger plugged in for those just in case times, correct?

Anybody else running this exact same setup that might be able to comment?

I've read if I plug in two power sources, the MBP will auto-select the most powerful one thus not causing any issues? Correct?

Any help/feedback would be appreciated.. I'd love to just upgrade to the 5K and not worry, but thats a pretty penny when already doing the 16'. Maybe at a later time..


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Nov 4, 2013
I use the 16 inch and Ultra fine and I have both the monitor and the power adapter connected to the computer. It’s not a big deal to have to use two cables.
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