LG Watch R lasted 49 hours with always-on display

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    Okay, I thought that the Moto 360 going 24 hours with always-on (but very dim) display was good. But that time was blown away by the LG Watch R I got in last weekend.

    I set it for always-on display, at the lowest brightness level (mostly because it was very bright even at that setting!)

    -- Sunday

    Took it off the charger Sunday morning at 8:30AM. Spent most of the day with my daughter at an anime convention. Was getting notifications constantly from my wife, plus weather reports, and offers to remotely control my phone's camera.

    Then wore it to bed like I always do with watches, checking the time as I woke up every few hours. I was about 40 feet from my phone all night, yet it still maintained a connection.

    -- Monday

    Monday morning it was at 55%. Went to work, notifications, time checks, and got this cute popup wanting to show me the highlights of our trip the previous day. Never seen that before. Looks like it picked out the first photos of each time period. Interesting.

    Monday night, after 36 hours of use, the power was down to 15% and I got a first battery warning. Usually this is when I'd put it on a charger. Decided instead to wear it all night again as a test.

    -- Tuesday

    Tuesday morning, 8:30AM... 48 hours after last charge... it was down to 3% and to conserve power it automatically stopped its display from being on all the time, but still came on brightly on demand. At 9:30AM it finally dropped to 1% and I gave in.

    So, 49 hours from 100% to 1%, with the display always on. I'd read that the larger battery in the LG R helped it go two days, but seeing is believing! (The LG has 410 mAh and P-OLED display, Moto 360 has 320 mAh and LCD.)

    -- Always on, always bright

    Btw, here's how bright the thing is, even in always-on mode:


    This is one impressive (and I think good looking) device, especially with the display always on. Hmm. I wonder how long it would go with the display set to only come on when asked. Will test that next.
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    Sep 12, 2011
    I believe it. I have the Asus Zenwatch and I go two days of battery life. The only difference for me is that I take it off/turn off at night. I can't wait to get my hands on the LG Watch urbane/Huawei Watch with supposed better battery life.
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    Nov 16, 2012
    Now thats a good battery :) btw did you notice the watch got warm with the display always on ?
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    Oct 5, 2012
    G Watch R is a great watch that is criminally overlooked:

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    Yeah I tried it for a week and can definitely back up that claim. Excellent battery life.
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    First university coding class = 47 years ago
    Nope, stayed totally cool. I'm really impressed with the brightness and low power of that P-OLED screen.

    I've ordered a black Milanese and a black link bracelet, but now I kind of like the blue nylon band he used:


    Now I'm even thinking seriously about the LG Urbane LTE, which uses a version of WebOS, but has full cellular capabilty and supposedly a huge battery.

    Although spine doc here said that he missed having Android apps when he used his Samsung Gear S standalone watch.
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    Mar 23, 2010
    New LG Watch

    I've been reading up on the Urbane LTE too. Love my Gear S but I'd switch in a heartbeat to get a better looking LG version with a sim card. Honestly, I'd go back to iOS if the iWatch had a sim card.

    I do wish the LG Android based watch had a sim card capability. It's that exact disconnect and disparate system impacting Android phones and wearable market that makes Apple so strong.

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