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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by jjk454ss, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Anyone liking what they see from the LG Watch Urbane? I know it's probably somewhat limiting apps, but I like the round display. I can't find any info on compatibility with iOS though. Have they released details on compatibility yet?

    Still awaiting the Apple Watch, but like the round screen:).
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    There's another thread on it here:


    The LG Urbane runs Android Wear, which means it's not usually considered compatible with iOS. (A hacker did reportedly program an app that allows Wear watches to work with iPhones, using regular APIs on both, no jailbreak required, but everyone's waiting for more info.)


    OTOH, maybe the newer LG Urbane LTE (see picture below) will work with more phones out of the box. Instead of running Android Wear, it's rumored to be running a version of WebOS.

    It also has LTE for data/voice, GPS, NFC and a huge battery to power it.


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    Jul 10, 2008

    Yeah, the fact that it runs WebOS is what got me curious
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    Aug 29, 2014
    Yeah... I think we are going to see a variety of OS options on wearables.
    I think the success of Pebble and Fitbit have shown that a wearable OS doesn't have to be from "the big two".
    I think that Android Wear NOT being able to run TouchWiz is a big part of Samsung keeping Tizen around. I think actually that this is Wear's Achilles heel with Android manufacturers... they've spent years honing the look and feel of Android running on their specific devices. Google's decision that everyone MUST use vanilla Android Wear will push those manufacturers towards other choices. I don't think those manufacturers will want the experience and interface with their wearable to be EXACTLY the same as any other manufacturer's. It makes for a much more bland landscape if every single Android Wear device will be only differentiated by the look of the hardware.
    I'm eager to see how this shakes out!
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    Personally I think having traditional watch style for a new "smart" watch category just looks too plain and lazy. We are going to the new territory here and I prefer to have a new kind of language rather than sticking to the old one.

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