LibreOffice very slow on Macbook Pro TB 2016

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    Mar 12, 2017
    Hi, i have a problem. I have a MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar with 15" and this machine should have to enough power to run Libreoffice should't it?! That's the problem. I've installed the newest version of it - LO 5.3.4 But it is all other than smooth. The openingtimes are "normal" - as on my windows machine - but scrolling is awful. It runs with circa 3-5 FPS and to load the preferences or options for formatting my texts and so is also very slow. It takes ca. 10-15 seconds with rotating beachball to open the window. I've tried older versions of LO back to 4.x.x.x - they aren't better. I've also tried to use the only OpenGL setting. No improvements. Trying to change the Memory-options also brings no improvement. Changed this to 2000MB for the whole program, Memory per Object set to 100MB and Number of objects to 100. No improvements. Do any of you have a good solution for me? :/ It's a torture to must work with this program. OpenOffice is the same shi*ty problem. By the way: I wanted to activate the "use hardware accelaration" but this is greyed out... -.-
    Oh, before I forget: The reason because I wouldn't use Pages is, that i cannot make as much little things and knits with my texts. And I am very familiar with LO because I worked with OpenOffice on Windows as long as I can think.
    I am looking forward to helpful answers. :)


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