Life, Death, Resurection (transfering data from a dead G4)


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Apr 18, 2004
I must morn the loss of my trust Power Mac G4 (350Mhz original). The sad thing is after five years I've accumulated and upgraded that beast quite a bit. My new mac mini arrived today and during set up asked me if i wanted to transfer my data. Unfortunately the G4 died under power surge conditions and will not stay powered up, therefore not being able to transfer. can i link two macs together over firewire at any point in time? i've never had a reason to do so before now. i'm hoping to put my hard drives into a Power Mac G4 (550 Mhz) machine in febuary and transfer the data. between 45 gigs of lost data and days (like 22) worth of music it would be faster for me to transfer from that hard drive than to reload all my cds.


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
ChrisFromCanada said:
Also if it just flat out wont boot (even into firewire Target Disk mode) then you could remove the hard drive and put it in a cheap external firewire case and copy all the old data off.
Works great. Just use the Setup Assistant in the Mini's Utilities folder and take what you need.

My previous machine's 60GB is now a FW "Brain in a jar" behind my monitor and, since I've already moved everything will soon be flattened and rebuilt as a utility and backup disk.
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