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Discussion in 'iPad' started by STLlewis, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. STLlewis macrumors newbie

    Jun 12, 2013
    I am really thinking about getting the lifeproof for my iPad 4 but I already have the invisisheild on it. I was wondering if anyone has left a screen protector on the iPad with the lifeproof?
  2. Moses John macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2012
    Invisible Shield and a testament to being Nüüd

    Hello. I can verify that the ONLY screen protector authorized by Lifeproof is the Zagg Invisible Shield. Others may function with the case, but Lifeproof doesn't endorse or sponsor any but Zagg. NOTE: There is a specific Invisible Shield offered -one that is shape-cut for use with the Nüüd for iPad. I bought my Lifeproof at Best Buy and (at least at the stores where I live) all the Lifeproof iPad stuff, including the Zagg Invisible Shields, were kept in one place. On the Zagg package, the model for use with the Nüüd/iPad is specifically marked.

    Here is a link to the Zagg on the Lifeproof site:


    If the shield you currently have is Zagg, but not specifically for the iPad, I'm not sure whether it will work; it may. That would be great, especially considering the cost. However, the best thing to do is e-mail Lifeproof, directly, and ask customer service. I had to do that for a different reason; they got back to me within a day.

    As for the Nüüd case, itself: I haven't thoroughly tested whether it is truly waterproof, but I've got it splashed pretty good, with no worries, and having the case on there gives peace-of-mind for the times I take the iPad with me during a nice, long, relaxing bath.

    I CAN attest to the drop protection, though. Within the few weeks, after I purchased my iPad 4, I dropped it TWO TIMES! Both times were from about waist height (roughly 4 feet) and onto SOLID CONCRETE. One time it fell on the edge, but the other, it fell onto the corner. The later, I was sure there would be something broken. I am very pleased to say: I have incurred NO damage to the iPad or the Nüüd case. The Lifeproof is very robust.

    I've used the Otterbox on my iPhone since the moment I removed the phone from the package. It has been a great product with caveats: 1. the built-in screen protector makes it appear as though there is always water between the inside of the protector and the phone screen; 2. you miss out on the vivid resolution the screen has to offer (especially with the retina display). I would have purchased the Otterbox for the iPad, if I hadn't discovered the Lifeproof. My plan was to cut the built-in screen protector out of the Otterbox to eliminate the "water bubble" and facilitate crisp image viewing. I would have felt I had some drop protection, but not the waterproof qualities I desired (and Otterbox doesn't claim to be waterproof, anyway).

    Alas, with the discovery of the Nüüd, and once I compared the two, side-by-side, the decision to buy the Lifeproof was easy. Simply stated, the Lifeproof case is significantly better than the Otterbox. To be fair, Otterbox makes a very good product, but the Lifeproof is superior.

    Beside having some protection for the expensive iPad, one other thing I was counting on the Lifeproof, or any case, to do was provide a better grip for the device. For me, the iPad, though svelte and stylish, is too "slippery" to hold confidently. With the Nüüd case installed, even holding with one hand, I never feel like the iPad is about to fly out of my hands.

    There are a number of accessories for the case. I looked at the Lifeproof site, today, and there even seems to be a new one, or two since the last I looked. As for screen protection, I chose not to add the Zagg, as I wanted nothing to interfere with the retina image capabilities, but I did purchase the screen cover/stand. If the iPad takes another leap and goes glass-down onto some sort of protrusion, the Zagg may prevent scratches, but not fractures. The cover will. In reality, where I find the cover/stand most useful, though, is when when I toss my iPad into my duffle bag with other items, like my Nalgene, my flashlight, my iPhone, my wallet, etc. Gorilla glass, or not, one will incur scratches and the cover DOES protect the screen. They call it a "cover/stand' and I'll say the application is 80/90% cover, 10/20% stand -but I do use the stand function. It's not the be-all, end-all stand, but it's proven useful.

    I know this has turned into an advertisement for the Lifeproof case, but I really just mean for the information to be useful to you or someone else, though given that it's been a good number of days since you made the original post, it's possible you have already found your solution. If you are yet to decide, I think there is little chance you will be disappointed with the Lifeproof/Lifeproof-Zagg combination. Either way, best wishes.

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