Light bleed... mountain out a molehill?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MasterHowl, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Before I start, I'm not trolling. I'm genuinely interested in how much of a problem light bleed is.

    I'd never really heard about light bleed before I joined this forum, and in the past year or so it seems to have become a massive point of discussion.

    But my questions is, how bad is it really? My machine is just over 3 years old now (mid-2009 MBP) and I checked it for light bleed today. It looks pretty bad!


    Thing is, I only noticed it when I got a completely black JPEG and made it fill the whole screen, and turned all the lights off in the room... using it the rest of the time, I can't tell there's anything wrong!

    Does it get so bad that it genuinely makes the picture on the screen look awful (as people make out), or is it similar to the image retention with the rMBP where you have to do all these tests to see if you suffer from it or not (which really, is just stupid imo)?

    (edit: just realise I missed the word "of" from the thread title... oops)
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    What exactly are you asking? Do you still have AppleCare on the machine?

    Since the machine is 3 years old, and you don't notice it unless you look for it, I would just ignore it.

    However, also a word of caution. I used to advice people to ignore screen problems that are only visible under special circumstances (e.g. dark room + black screen background at full brightness). My machine had the same minor issues with backlight bleeding. But it has gotten worse over time, now the backlight bleeding at the bottom of the screen is clearly visible under most conditions. So if you have the option for a free repair, and if you can live without your machine for a few days, maybe have it repaired.

    PS: Is it the antiglare screen?
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