Light-weight speaker recommendations?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by divergirl, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. divergirl macrumors regular

    Oct 30, 2012
    I occasionally travel long-term (such as moving to a different country for a year or two and then coming back, etc.) and wanted to get a computer that is light enough to take with me. I had a laptop when I was in college, but I ultimately realized I'm more of a desktop person. With all this in mind, the Mac Mini seemed like a good choice.

    I'd still need light-weight peripherals though. I was wondering if anyone knows of decent lightweight speakers? I'm not an audiophile but I'd like ones that are good enough quality for everyday use and to enjoy movies with in particular. Ones that don't weigh very much (including the power source) and aren't too bulky (oh, and slim is always nice too! :D). The Mac Mini plus keyboard and trackpad would already be at least 4 pounds and I'm sure even a light-weight monitor would weigh at least 10 pounds, so I'm trying to keep things as light as possible, for when I do need to take it with me.
  2. blanka macrumors 68000

    Jul 30, 2012
    Use the Mini speaker. It sounds great! It beats 9 out of 10 full size monitors with built in speakers. Really impressed by this little fella. We watched a bunch of movies from a 2.5 m away couch using the built in speaker during the holiday. Excellent!
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    Aug 31, 2012
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    Buy what you need when you get there.

    The original Mac Mini was my first computer because, like the OP I wanted something that was easily transportable, rather than portable. I prefer leave a computer set up..... and leave it, and the work it represents, behind when I go out.

    I have moved between countries, and within countries quite a bit, and have always used a motorcycle for transport. Traditional desktops, and Apple all in one desktops don't cut it for me. The Mini fitted my needs, and still does. Perchance, I have not moved since I acquired the first Mini, and it has since been replaced with an early 2009, which should be good for a while longer.... And it is likely that I will move back to my home country within the next year or so.

    The small wired Apple keyboard that I like (and unfortunately don't offer any more), the Time Machine HDD, and the Mini are the only items that are likely to travel with me. For all the other peripherals, adequate quality items can be picked up quite economically, in my observation.

    Here in Thailand, for instance, you can pick up a 20" monitor for less than $US 120, and a 21" for $20 or 30 more. I bought a new wired mouse recently for about $8.00. A similar Logitech can be had for less than $12.00. A pair of 2 watt speakers can be had for not much more than $12.00. Double that and you get a pair and a subwoofer. Maybe not hifi, but certainly satisfactory. Wired keyboards also start at about $12.00.

    For a place like Thailand you would also need a UPS, so budget another $60 - 80 for that.

    So all up, for $US 200 - 300, depending on what you settle for, you can get sorted with all the basic peripherals. Give them away when you move on after a year or two.
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    Jul 5, 2004
    If 'excellent' to you means "Sounds like a single ear bud cranked to 11 from the other end of a bus" then yes, it is excellent.

    Im not sure what alternatives i'd recommend. There is so much to choose from out there. And almost anything is better than whats built into the Mini, in my opinion. Even the cheap logitech stuff.
    So you don't have to try too hard or spend too much.

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