Lightening Fast Voice Control Calendar for iOS Device (with Demo Video)

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    Create iDevice calendar item (extract date & time information from what you say and setup automatically) by your voice:
    Call my Dad at 9 pm.
    Safari on July 10th.
    Go to shopping on Sunday.
    Sales meeting after 45 minute.
    Visit John on Christmas Day.

    Support America, Canada, Australia, British and New Zealand common festival, no more calculating on Easter, just say 'Party with Friend on Easter.'

    In addition, Voice Calendar can do date calculation and speak result:
    What date will it be this Friday?
    What day of the week is April 6th?
    How many days left till December 15th?

    Built-in support:
    American English
    Australia English
    British English




    Demo Video

    iTunes Link

    Any Suggestion is welcome.

    vThinking Studio
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    Mar 13, 2011
    Update version is about to release, many improvement from user feedback,
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