Lightest and thinnest iPad Pro 9.7" case or skin?


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Feb 11, 2006
I used to use Skinomi skins but now they have too many little pieces on the sides and are harder to put on the right way so I'm looking for alternatives. I strongly dislike cases that add any significant bulk to the iPad. My main reason for putting anything on is not protection but better grip (I find the brushed aluminum ultra slippery), that's why I liked the skins. I wouldn't mind a little extra lip but don't see any reason to protect the back of the iPad since its sturdy aluminum. A bumper case would be an option if it existed, as it would give me better grip like the skin did. Or one of these ultra thin 0.3mm cases they make for iPhones. Anyway, suggestions welcome.
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Apr 9, 2010
Prescott Valley, AZ
I too prefer a skin to a case and primarily for minor scratch protection and better grip. I use clear Con-Tact paper. It's like $3 for a roll that is enough to cover 20-30 iPads. At that price it is worth trying it out. If you don't like it, it can be used for other purposes.

I then use a SmartCover for the screen. For my 12.9 Pro, I'll often swap out the SmartCover for the Smart Keyboard.


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Sep 8, 2016
I pur a Best Skins Ever on my IPP 12.9 and on my Macbook. Both installed easily and look great, can't even tell they're on. Got Matte, I highly recommend them.
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