Lightning cable failure (twice)

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by sundog925, Sep 20, 2013.

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    hey all.
    so long story short, I'm a bit peeved after my most recent apple store trip today. granted the employees might have been snippier than usual because it was launch day, it seems almost out of line to flat out insinuate improper use and deliberate destruction of my lightning cable. case and point.
    my lightning cable seemed to fail at the point right underneath the protector piece directly under the lightning connector. see the attached photo.

    i noticed when my mac was giving the error message about drawing too much power from the USB. i looked at my phone and it wasn't charging nor showing in iTunes. Proceeded to wiggle the cord and it would work. after some time, i would have to literally bend the cord to the left or right or behind the phone to get it to function. gave up and bought a new cord. SAME THING happened to the replacement. this is normal use guys.

    so upon coming into the apple store, the greeter asked me how do i transport the cable, how is it laying etc. i said its on the desk for tethering. thats it. she then proceeded to say that a tech would look at it and the whole drill.

    30 mins later (obscene amt of time to wait. granted its launch day, customers asking thousands of questions without buying are more wasted time than my charging cable, but i digress. i guess apple customers really are dumber than most :D) the tech comes out and i tell the whole story over again. he then proceeds to say i made matters worse by bending the cord to get it to function. i told him it was my only means of charging so i basically HAD to do that or have a dead phone, hence the replacement. i told him of the error message i would receive on the mac and he said it wasn't from the cord. Of course it is! it NEVER gives that message and it did on these same 2 cords which suffered the same problem. again he told me that proper use is needed to reduce undue stress on the cord to which i wanted to say "what? am i charging it wrong?"

    it was really ridiculous that blame is placed on the consumer for what really is a design/materials failure. the cords were either on the nightstand, or on the desk. nothing ostentatious was done with them.

    so in the end, he agreed to replace one and i told him to toss the other. so now I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth and will only buy the belkin brand lightning cables (i have 2 now) because I'm done with this same problem.

    that is my vent ladies and gents.

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    as much as they have a better phone design, their charging cable has the worst engineering design starting from the very first cable they have be it ipod, iphone or ipad. they need to get a better design engineer. it's not you, it's their design. trust me i have so many apple usb charging cables that have the same issue - the chord cover gets separated and the wirings are exposed.
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    I never had problems with the 30 pin dock cables. The lightning cables are garbage. I have 8 of them for 3 devices and in 1 year I have 3 cables that have failed exactly where you show. If you pick up your device and use it while it's plugged in, the cable will fail. Period. Buy RND cables from Amazon. They are $2 more for a 2M cable (longer than the Apple cable) and they are FAR better construction. I haven't bothered getting the Apple cables swapped out. I just buy the RND's and move on. I now have 5 of the RND cables. They are great.

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