Lightning Cable Pains?

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    Dear All,

    I am about to have to order a bunch of new Lightning Cables (TM) for our devices but frankly I am FED UP with the ritual... We have so many non-functional ones laying around our house that I couldn't even tell you how many we do have (both Apple made, CFI, Amazon Basics, probably certified, etc...).
    No matter how careful we are when charging our stuff, after 2-3 months all our Lightning Cables stop working!!!! I have taken a few of them back to the Apple Store and, as long as I could show a proof of purchase, the store associates have replaced them for us (never with a NIB or even open box one but rather a "naked one" rather with one they promptly fetched from the back).
    I read somewhere to check the connector for lint and/or dust as that can at time clog the recessed contact parts but that has only helped ONCE!

    I personally think the issue is with the chip being blown by the slight power surges that naturally occur in our electrical systems and Apple ROYALLY screwed up going from a relatively fool proof (minus fraying at the 30 pin end of the cable after the redesign) to one containing a powered chip: the marginal advantages of a "smart cable" are completely overshadowed by the fact that a blown chip turns the cable into the latest tech rubbish!
    I cannot imagine Apple doing away with the headphone input and shifting both functions to a troublesome lightning cable...I would much prefer for everything to go through the new magsafe...

    So...Is it just a problem my Apple Family and Friends have or is it something YOU also experience?
    If you do, is it as frequent for you as it is for us?
    Have you found anything that has helped with extending the life of these suckers?
    Do you know ANYTHING about this issue and whether there is light at the end of the tunnel?


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    Jun 19, 2016
    Atlanta, GA
    That's not helping either....
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    Jun 19, 2016
    I live in a split level head!
    The apple cables have durable tips, where some cheap ones get loose and cut out, but the cable itself is the weak spot at least in my uses. The cable starts bubbling up and getting loose before the tip and that's where it goes out. I tend to use the phone while it is connected so it will be affected more than someone that just connects it and leaves it so some do not have problems with any cables.

    I know you mention amazon basics but for the price they have been my favorite. MUCH better than the apple branded ones. The cable itself is stiffer and lasts much longer.
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    Jan 5, 2011
    Lightning cables in general I find are just trash. I'm talking about the official Apple cables. They break and fray just before the connector only after a couple of months.

    So I've now gone and bought a bunch on 30 pin to lightning adaptors for all of my ios devices. I'm using decade old 30pin cables and they are much, much more durable than the fragile lightning cables.

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