Lightning error to change, my phone restarts after few minutes

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    Sep 2, 2014
    I repaired the lighting once everything has turned mobile mounted correctly, but after a few minutes restarted. In rebooted itself and I thought it would be normal, but then I have not seen that. Because it has become more obvious in the beginning left a vertical Rall before restart. The mobile restarts but leaves the apple logo and returns to where it was. I noticed that the battery is very hot and I decided to disconnect it and turn it off to prevent damage. I reopened the mobile but everything seems to be fine, in fact I have placed the lighting previous to leave it as it was but again do the same. I am very worried because I do not know how I can fix and if you are so I repaired it because I have no money to take it to the Apple Server ...: s
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    Sep 2, 2014
    This morning I restored the phone again and I charge it succeeded the most. Worked many hours until suddenly been turned off, turn it on again but I saw that he was only a 1% load, but warned in no time. Now while charging the battery door and if you turn it off and back on, you can not know whether or not the charge has progressed since it is loading but always in the same%. While loaded rebooted once. Searching the internet I saw that there is an option to view the error message that the device is in the following pictures you can see the error is:
    Thanks for your time

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