Lightning Review, Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case & eBay Bumper

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    Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case - White


    eBay Bumper - White



    Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case $12 shipped"iphone+5"+bumper+metal

    What's wrong with it? The iPhone 5 is a ceramic white glass. It has a very slight cream tint. The case is pure 100% white. It makes the phone look stained due to the contrast. The volume buttons are also too small. The fit is too tight so you can't get it on and off easily. The one long line for all the bottom ports is also an incredibly bad way of desgning a case for this phone and you should never buy a case that has it. It looks really bad.

    Conclusion: This was clearly designed without ever actually having the phone.

    eBay Bumper $6 shipped

    What's right with it? The ports are each cut individually which looks much better and works just as well. The rubber is light grey like Apple's own rubber material for it's 4S bumper and cables which is a fantastic touch, it breaks up the phone really well giving it dimension and it works with the phone's cream tint well. On top of that the grey sets off and partly matches the aluminium back, which looks super slick. The metal buttons all look very nice. The rubber doesn't stain like some iPhone 4S bumpers I've had also. It comes off and on easily but is 100% secure. The rubber is also nicer and less toys R us like than the photive case.

    The only bad thing is that the buttons aren't held in place very well and jiggle a little. I fixed this by removing the buttons and dabbing some superglue in the middle of the volume button and on one side of the lock button.

    Both my stero cable and the headphone cable attatch easily with the case on. But the stero cable doesn't go in all the way without the case on for some reason, other cables might not work but the opening is as big as it could be.

    Hope that helps anyone looking for a review of these.
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    I also wanted to see if anyone found anything even higher quality than the apple style bumper. Would be nice to see a bumper made out of ceramic, aluminium and rubber materials.

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