MP 6,1 Lightning strike damaging some TB ports?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ColdCase, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Has anyone lost just some thunderbolt ports due to a next door lightning strike? The nMP and enclosures are on UPS and surge protection but it seems like some EMP leaked onto a few TB cables and fried half of the TB ports. Some work well, others appear to be dead. Make sense? I'll have to decide if I should repair them. I'm sure homeowners insurance will cover it, but I'll be paying the claim off for years with higher premiums. .
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    Aren't most surge protectors supposed to have some sort of "insurance" built into the price?
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    Yes, but it was one my Ethernet ports on a MP51. It was UPS protected too, but it seems to have entered through the cable modem for the computer side of things. It also blew out my Apple Router, 3 Flat Screen TV's, 3 Cable TV boxes, several lightbulbs, and even zapped and drained the new set of batteries in my wall-safe. There were some other small appliances that took a hit too.

    My Mac was physically disconnected from everything EXCEPT the router when this happened.

    I replaced the logic board myself to repair the issue. I could have lived with only 1 Ethernet port but I didn't want to. Just for information purposes, the damaged Ethernet port sill worked but only at 100baseT. 1000baseT was no longer selectable in the Settings>Network applet.
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    Yes but the fine print usually has something like: " You must prepay all shipping costs, you are responsible for packaging and shipment, and you must pay the cost of the repair estimate. We will repair or replace the equipment that was damaged because of the failure of our Product or pay you the fair market value (NOT REPLACEMENT COST) of the equipment at of the time of the damage. We will use Orion Blue Book, or another a third-party valuation guide, or eBay, craigslist, or other source to establish that amount. "

    They also usually require a claim on the homeowners insurance first.

    I'll have to check and see what the credit card covers, sometimes there is a benefit there.

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