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Oct 9, 2011
Anybody have a recommendation for a decent quality lightning to 3.5mm audio cable, preferably 3-4' long (not the short adapters)? Just gave my old iPhone to my daughter so she can listen to audiobooks. She's still young and I know she'll lose the short adapters so I'd prefer a full length audio cable. I've checked out the reviews of 4-5 cables on Amazon and nearly all of them have complaints of them not working after a few days/weeks.


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Oct 27, 2021
Lancashire UK
IMO the most practical answer would be a pair of cheap BT headphones, which you can charge every night.
If you divert your attention away from Apple offerings, it's not difficult at all to find cheap, speech-quality headphones with double-figure battery life (which will almost certainly outlast her daily attention span). Some may also automatically turn themselves off after X minutes of inactivity (silence) because find me a kid who reliably remembers to switch things off.

Don't forget to manage the maximum loudness those young tender eardrums are exposed to using the phone's settings. She'll thank you 30 years later.
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