Lightning to headphone cable?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by lympero, Oct 1, 2016.

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    Well lets see you are going to need a lightning adapter and a DAC to create said cable.
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    You're not reading what they asked. They have headphones that have a 3.5mm input jack. A cable that would go direct from lightning and terminate as a male 3.5mm plug is what they need.

    I have no doubt this will surface, as it's basically exactly the same as using the apple adaptor and plugging in a 3.5mm male to male cable, just without the junction. It's only a matter of time. The only issue is my guess is Apple won't make it, it'll be third party, so quality\reliability will be an issue. Hopefully Belkin or someone reputable and licensed will come out with it... I personally don't trust anything that's not officially licensed in my lightning port. Too many are made with brittle metal that'll break off easily inside the lightning port.
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    I have those same headphones (absolutely love them), maybe Audiotechnica will hook us up here soon. I'd buy the cable if they did. I have the adaptor on mine and it feels just weird. The adaptor's cable is narrower than the headphone's cable so it feels flimsy.

    EDIT: I sent their official twitter account a message asking. I doubt they'll respond but it's worth a shot. Sometimes companies I message reply. I'll post in here if they do.
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    I checked their twitter account and there are many people who are asking for the same cable. Their response is : "our team is currently exploring our options for future M50x cable configurations." At least their are thinking about it
  7. Mac 128, Oct 2, 2016
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    If you want it now, there's absolutely no reason you can't just buy the $9 Apple adpter, cut off the 3.5mm jack, cut off your 3.5mm plug, and wire the two together. you could even spray the entire splice down to the lightning connector with black liquid rubber for a professional matching finish.

    Heck, for a little more money, you could splice the Lightning EarPods cable onto a 3.5mm plug and add a microphone and remote controls to your headphones.

    So I take it you wouldn't use these headphones on any other non-iOS devices? Or if so, you'd swap the entire cable?
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    Use the adapter and shrinking tube to make it all one piece...

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