Lightroom 3 or Aperture 3 on a Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bigbadneil, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Lightroom 3 or Aperture 3 on a Mac

    Guys I just started messing with Lightroom 3 on my macbook air and it looks very user friendly, for the last month I have been trying Aperture 3 on my Mac computer and that is also quite user friendly just wondered if any of you guys are using any of these programs and wanted to help me decide here what I should buy and in your opinions what is the best of these for my photo editing?????
    Thanks in advance
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    Aperture is fun. If you're just playing around, it will give you everything you need. But if photography is something that you're serious about, LR is the way to go. It integrates perfectly with Photoshop, it's well-organized and keywording, quick edits, and the ability to create custom camera calibration profiles are second to none. I use it just about everyday and I would be bummed without it.
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    See this thread

    Like PC vs. Mac, the aperture vs. Lightroom can reach near religious proportions. Given that they both do nearly the same thing. It really boils down to personal preference at this stage.

    I've used both and found that both have their own strengths/weaknesses.

    I've opted for LR because I prefer the UI over aperture, I think adobe does a better job in RAW and Adobe's track record is better in delivering timely updates.
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    LR has a trial, and I believe Aperture does too. Try them both out....

    I use LR3, but since A3 is (relatively) cheap on the Mac App Store I a copy of that as well, for it's book making features. Other people prefer the A3 UI. It's up to you....

    When you trial LR3, really pay attention the noise reduction feature. For me that was the decisive factor - it was that much better. Also, I get an educator's discount on LR3 so the price difference was not as much as would have been otherwise.
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    I tried both. Ended up with Aperture and never looked back. I love it.
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    what is UI??
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    Jul 18, 2009
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    Is threr any difference in the preinstalled version of Aperture 3 if buying a new mac and the version sold in the App store?
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    Oct 20, 2009
    Doubt there's any difference.

    As for OP, I tried both, but I like Aperture UI and management better than LR.

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