Lightroom on the 11" MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by quasibinaer, May 9, 2012.

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    Hey everybody,

    two issues here. I´m a freelance photojournalist and I´m currently using a mid 2009 MBP for both my work at home (hooked up to several ext. drives and a calibrated display) and everything I do on the road. The original plan was to wait for new iMacs, migrate everything over there and use my MBP only for working on the road. Now, as it turns out, my battery starts to get weary and isn´t anywhere near usable when working whole days in the field. It´s dead after about an hour, I used to get 3-4. I do a lot of editing in my car or other places without poweroutlets, so a functioning, long-lasting battery is key. Which is why I would like to keep my MBP at home and use the MBA on the road, then later swap the MBP for a new iMac. Or a MacPro, if that gets an update. I certainly hope so.

    First question: Does anybody here use Lightroom (3.0 and above) on the 11" model? How does it perform? Screen size is obviosuly an issue, as is overall size. Big difference compared to the 13" model? I´d be thankful for any screenshots from the library and dev module!

    Second question: Should I take the plunge now or might it be worth the wait? I can´t really jeopardize my work with an unreliable battery, there are deadlines that have to be held or my head will come off ;)
    Or put differently: Does anybody here expect new models to arrive before august? That would be the maximum I could wait.

    Oh and while I`m at it: I could use some recommendations on external thunderbolt drives (7200RPM preferred). 128 GB won´t last long when shooting RAW all day.

    Thanks for bearing with me! :)
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    I have a late 2011 11" MBA with 4GB of RAM and 128SSD. While I don't use Lightroom, photoshop cs5 runs fine as does aperture and final cut pro. I don't think you'll really have any problem outside of SSD space. It will work well for you its nice and light weight and obviously ultra portable. The screen is really nice the resolution is great and the color gamut is pretty good. I will try and post some pictures for you if I can unearth my digital camera out of my luggage.

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