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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by BakedBeans, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Lightroom Review

    I have had my grubby little hands (well, quite big and meticulously clean) on Adobe’s new workflow management application called ‘’Lightroom’’ and it’s time for you to hear my thoughts.

    This review will just skim the surface of what ‘Lightroom’ can do, it will also include screenshots and screen video so you can see what I’m describing.

    From the very outset you can see that this application is aimed at professional photographers that need to get a large amount of images from a shoot processed and exported, fast!

    This review will be in four parts – Each part dedicated to one of the four sections of lightroom – Library, Develop, Slideshow and Print.


    PART 1 – Library

    There are three viewing options in the library section of lightroom, but before displaying your images you have to import them, lightroom handles this task much more efficiently than Photoshop does – It gives you lots of options like:

    1) Batch Renaming
    2) File referencing (where you can refernce files that are already on your HD instead of copying them into a separate file, although it has that option also)
    3)Ability to add keywords, copyright and more, including a shoot name

    These import features are brilliantly functional for pro photographers who shoot hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of images per shoot. It enables them to take all the data from various memory cards and place them in one folder, open lightroom, rename, add copyright info and shoot details, and then place them in its on separate shoot section all in one quick step – its seamless and easy and most importantly part of a structured workflow.

    After you import your images and sort them you have a choice of viewing them in three different ways.

    1) GRID

    This displays all of the files you have just imported in numbered thumbnails from here you can rate your images, do simple corrections and even batch correct and rotate. Basically – you choose your best images from here.

    2) LOUPE

    What does a film photographer get when he wants to zoom in? a loupe, so that’s what Adobe have give us. This gives you the ability to check the sharpness and quality of your photos and to drop out any that don’t really make the grade.

    3) COMPARE

    Compare is the most exciting part of import, This is where you can make the final decisions on which particular image you want – just select the images from the bottom slide by command clicking on the image you want and it instantly zooms into view to compare with the rest of the images on your ‘’light table’’. From here you can go on to the next step and develop your final images.

    This is a short screen video of import
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    I don't consider this a review as you didn't really review it for performance, you just kind of explained each part which is super awesome, but it hardly tells us how it performed, what machine you tested it on, etc.
    Sorry to sound harsh, it's just how I read it.
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    I did some stuff with Lightroom a little while felt clunky, slow, and overly awkward to use...because for some reason, instead of sticking to the Aqua interface, they felt the need to build this complicatedly strange interface-in-a-window. Ugh. Not a big fan. :rolleyes:
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    Really? I found it much faster than Aperture... might have something to do with me running it on an ibook with not enough processing power. Lightroom works great on it though.
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    Mar 20, 2006
    I have had it for a while now and for the most part I love it. I need to get photoshop cs 2 because I only have elements 2.0 for my mac and it wont handle the color readinsg in elements. I really like how easy it is to adjust jpegs as if they are raws. I really does make things easyer. I just need photoshop now

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