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    Jan 30, 2012
    So after skip hopping 30 day trial after 30 day trial after ip address after ip address I could get out of adobe cs6. I needed an editor and I needed on fast because we were shooting a $800 budget movie (oh yeah big budget for a bunch of 14 year olds directing it) tomorrow. So I did some searching found that windows movie maker sucks so does every other free program that came with our vivitar camcorder and tripod and our sony handycam. Eventually I stumbled accross this program called lightworks. that claimed to have an extremely steep learning curve but very rewarding. Knowing me I took it as a personal challenge and after fighting with the program to even get it to launch and watching a 8 hour tutorial on how to use it. I am pretty much a master.

    Were shooting it with a canon L1 just cause thats how I roll at 480p hi-8
    plus I was able to get an awesome deal on it on ebay with 3 lenses 25 tapes charger 2 batterys and a shoulder mount for $200 shipped


    but enough about that off topic but I am just letting everyone know that Lightworks is not to be taken as some crappy freeware. it is a very good tool that is free

    and sony vegas can't beat free :D
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    Nov 10, 2012
    Of course not; it was released in 1989, was being used extensively during the 90s within the BBC, and many top editors including Thelma Schoonmaker use it.

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