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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Goody13, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Hi. I'm new to the forum and hope I can pick the brains of the experts.

    I'm looking at taking the plunge with a Mac for the first time. I think the 27" may be a bit large so I'm looking at the 21.5" 4K. The only thing I will need power for is photo editing.

    I would use Canon's Digital Photo Professional to edit raw files ( no business use) and may get Lightroom at some point. The raw files are around 20MB. I also plan to scan old prints and negatives and do minor adjustments to them.

    Other than that it will be used for general surfing and e-mail. No gaming and if I did edit any video it would be minor editing of short phone or camera clips.

    I am aware the HDD is only 5,400 rpm so is relatively slow so am looking at upgrade options.

    For an extra £400 I can either get a 512GB SSD, and keep the RAM at 8GB, or a 2TB fusion drive and upgrade the RAM to 16GB.

    Whilst I am happy to pay for quality and believe in buying the best I can afford, there is only so much I can justify for a computer.

    I am inclined to think the fusion drive and RAM upgrade would futureproof me for a few years but would welcome thoughts.

    In addition, I have been searching for the answer to this without success; would the 2TB fusion drive in the 21.5" be 5,400 rpm or the faster 7,200 drive, as I believe this would make quite a difference?
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    I recently purchased a 27" with 2TB Fusion. I have read a lot of discussion of people preferring the SSD over turn disk but I have not read much on people that own a Fusion drive and how satisfied they are.

    For me I am a light user so this thing is plenty fast. I am only using 250 GB of storage and probably never get up to 1TB on this machine. But as far as speed goes it feels like a SSD to me compared to my 2007 iMac.

    I have ran the disk speed test a few times, it varies on the speed but seems to average over 500 MBs

    I would like to hear from Fusion Drive owners and how satisfied they are with it.

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    Thanks. The 27" has a 7,200 HDD anyway so the fusion will spin at the same speed. I can't find out, however, whether upgrading the 5,400 HDD in the 21.5" to a fusion will get you a 7,200 fusion drive. If it does, I believe that will be the best option.

    Of course, I could always wait and see what comes along on September/October ...
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    I think the thought of doing that would scare me a little. Maybe on an old machine, but wouldn't fancy doing it on one in warranty.

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