Limewire kills my Network and Internet Connection


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May 13, 2004
Howdy, I'm using an Airport Express to share a highspeed internet connection in an apartment with four laptops: my powerbook, an iBook, an XP Vaio and a Win2000 Compaq. Everything works out just fine, until... my flatmate downloads Limewire onto her Compaq... Now every time she turns Limewire on, within 10 minutes, our internet connection is killed. (The lights are still green on the base station and modem, but safari won't load anything, and ichat and mail get real confused, and nearly lock up.) The solution, unplug the Airport Express and Modem, then plug 'em back in and we're in business again.

We ran all sorts of tests, even tried limewire on one of the macs, and the same happens, so it's not spyware or a virus on her machine.... We'll have internet all day without a blip, and within 10 minutes of limewire being turned on, Wham! the internet's down again... And yes, in those intermittent 10 minutes, her limewire will download things, and shows great connection strength...

So, the answer is painfully obvious to us, just don't use Limewire, right? Easy enough solution... She doesn't buy it, or rather, she can't not use Limewire... she's fascinated by the program and keeps turning it on in the hopes that maybe this time it'll work, or maybe she'll get one more thing before it kills our internet. This was sort of funny at first, but now it's getting old fast...

So I've two real questions:

1) Surely this problem shouldn't be happening, right? Maybe there's a way to fix it in the Airport Utility or in the Modem's settings so that limewire will work properly? Keep her happy and us online?


2) I "administer" our Airport Express which creates our network. Is there any way I can go into the said utilities and block people from using Limewire or p2p servers? Some sort of parental controls or something? Even if it meant that none of us could get on p2p servers, that'd be fine by me, and I could just shrug and blame her non-functional limewire on the mysteries of the internet ;)

Any help, HUGELY appreciated.


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Jun 18, 2003
I don't use Limewire, so I don't have specifics, but you can't really limit the bandwidth a p2p connection will suck up, and her's is sucking it all up, obviously. You could try blocking the ports that Limewire uses on your firewall (I don't know what ports are used). Otherwise, you might try talking to her.


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Mar 15, 2004
According to February's issue of MacAddict (p. 55) you can block the ports for P2P networks on your router. Close port 1214 for Kazaa, 6346 for Morpheus and 6347 for LimeWire. It says to check the documentation that came with your router for instructions on closing ports. Hope that helps.


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Dec 10, 2002
Sketchy Limewire

I have never liked using Limewire. I always felt bad using it. A) I didn't trust that my computer was safe. B) I always felt like I was stealing. C) It took forever, if it worked at all.

Simply put, I don't like it.

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