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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thisisarcadia, May 10, 2009.

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    So with new iPhone hype starting i thought i may ask this question! Since technology is growing at a very fast rate everyday there would of had to of been a better battery to fit the needs of the iphone that has come out! Now if that is the case do you think apple would allow backround processing to a limit of lets say 6 or so apps? Like apple could have an option under setting with every app in it and you could select the 6 that you wanted to run constantly! This would be very helpful because of the different apps that have internet radio or online games! sorry if this doesnt make sense!

    Another question very off topic though! how do you move from title to title in For instance from mac newbie to mac regular and so on?! thanks
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    It's certainly not coming in the 3.0 software. Which means it's not coming this year.
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    Try this for the second question:
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    If Apple includes anything background app related in the iPhone OS this go-round, I don't think it'd be as involved as you hope. Specifically, I don't think the user would get to decide what runs in the background and what doesn't.

    What I'd like to see at a minimum is,

    1. A smoother and more subtle alert system( yes, like Pre and G1). I want to focus on my task unless I choose to acknowledge another one, currently we're forced to acknowledge many system alerts regardless of our current task.

    2. Allow an application to be pushed to the background when a notification arrives. For example, if an SMS comes in and I hit reply while I'm drafting an email, when I'm done replying to that SMS the first home button press should instantly return me to my exact previous state in mail. Same for a call, etc. This wouldn't be billed as background applications, it'd simply be a smoother method of handling interruptions.

    Alas, my dream is also highly unlikely.

    How is it certainly not in the 3.0 software?

    As I mentioned in another thread, MobileMe and GPS were certainly not in the iPhone 2.0 beta. But they were all in the 2.0 software. Additionally, push notifications were not announced until WWDC 08 and were in 3rd party developer beta testing within 60 days, clearly already programmed with servers ready to go - they were later pulled for redesign, supposedly related to message volume and scaling issues. Still, they were planned for iPhone 3G's release cycle.

    I still doubt the OP's idea will be implemented this summer. But, the point is Apple certainly didn't show everything in March or in the current beta. There could be many things included, and since many iPhone apps already run in the background it's not impossible.

    Complication for who, a toddler? That's a weak excuse. Background processes may not create the best user experience but that doesn't mean it's complicated.
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    I'd rather something "complicated" than nothing at all. It's really frustrating to be incapacitated while listening to Pandora/Slacker, Absolute Radio, Pocket Tunes, MLB At Bat etc. Given how often I use those apps I'm very disappointed background apps are unlikely to be implemented this year. I'd pay for a new phone with that feature.
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    Being able to have a limited number of apps was a rumor during the weeks leading up to the 3.0 keynote, it just materialized. It would be a nice complement to push.

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