Line-in microphone or USB microphone for Mac Pro?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Freeþinker, Jul 5, 2010.

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    I want to know if anyone can point out the advantages and disadvantages of using a line-in microphone (for the 1/8" analog jack) compared to a USB microphone for a Mac Pro. Do I need some kind of amplification for a head-set microphone with a 1/8 analog jack? I can't get mine to work, but I wonder if there's something I haven't selected correctly in my Preferences.

    Yes, I searched this topic first!
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    You can't plug in a non-pre-amped microphone to a mac pro. They did away with that a long time ago (cheap bastards). You therefore have to use a 3rd party audio controller (PCIe or USB) or buy a USB microphone.

    I use an external USB audio controller that has a microphone port. I'd recommend that setup as it allows the most flexibility and it's not too expensive. You can plug it in to any microphone and it also doubles as another audio output (should you ever need that for any reason). Also, you can use it on different computers (I also have a macbook).

    There are many out there that work with mac, mine's called an "iMic" by griffin tech. It's alright, has a tiny bit of buzz when you crank up the gain. I also feel I paid too much for it.

    They require no additional software.

    If you don't need any flexibility and you don't already own a microphone, it may be slightly cheaper just to buy a USB mic. It's up to you.
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    Thank you, slughead!

    Thank you for your very helpful reply.

    It ticks me off to consider what kind of audio capability you get when you plunk down 3K for a Mac Pro. Even the piece of crap Dell computers I use at work have plug and play analog microphone capability.

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