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    Hi, I work for a really small scientific research company, and I have been in charge of putting together a common system in excel to act as our notebooks, so that we don't have to rely on each others handwriting. I am not really well-versed using excel, but so far I have a pretty decent system, but there are some issues.

    The main problem that I'm having is with the headers/footers of each spreadsheet from the workbook. I need the headers/footers to all be the same, so when a project is finished it can be printed, stored in the lab, and have a consistent header. Is there a way that we can have the headers/footers linked together, so that if a change is made in one tab, it will change on all of them.

    Also, if the page number is entered, it counts the first page as being the first page from each tab. The way we have it set up, each tab will only be one page, and the page number should be based upon which tab number it is. Is there any way to have the page numbers be based upon the tabs?

    I'm sorry if this is confusing; I'd be happy to try to add clarification if needed.


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    It sounds like you should create a template! There are some built-in ones that might meet your needs, which you can see by going to File -> Project Gallery. If you don't find something that looks right there, you can look in the templates page of Office Online. More information about finding templates is in the Office:Mac help: Find templates for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    If you can't find what you want, and you'd like to take a crack at creating your own template, you might find that the folks in the Excel:Mac forums can give you some assistance as you work on it.


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