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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by That-Is-Bull, Dec 17, 2007.

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    The ability to link layers was something I used all the time in CS1, it was perfect. But, for some reason, Adobe decided that feature was just too convenient and they had to downgrade it in CS3, and now it's a hassle. The layers have to be on top of each other, then you have to click the bottom layer, shift+click the top one, right-click and click "Link Layers," then go through the same process again to unlink them, instead of just clicking one small button like it used to be. This is extremely annoying, but I like everything else about CS3. Is there some way to put those little boxes back where they used to be?
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    Links are not the only way anymore

    Yes they made a change, but once you get used to the new options, I prefer the new ways and like that I have more screen space with my layer names.

    Adobe actually gave us several new ways of working with multiple layers, but you may not have found them all yet. The problem I had with links is that I was always linking layers, then unlinking them, linking, unlinking, etc.

    Multilayer selection:
    As you mentioned, you can select and layer and then Shift-click another layer to select it and all the in between layers. But you can also Command click other layers (they don't have to next to the other layers). Once layers are selected you don't have to link them. Once selected, just move them in the image, align the layers, change the typeface across all selected layers, etc. You only have to link them to have it remember to move them later. Multilayer selection offers more options than the old fashioned linking, but for an improved way of "linking" read on about layer groups.

    Layer Groups:
    I usually make layer groups now. I like them so much better than links. Select several layers (by Shift-clicking or Command-clicking) then press Command-G (for group). Now all the layers are organized into a group. If the group is selected they all move, but if you select an individual layer you can move it without having to ungroup first. That's why I like it.

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