Linksys WRT-54G V8 DD-WRT on Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by skateandneverdi, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Sep 12, 2010
    I have a Linksys WRT-54G V8 and I would like to make it into a repeater. I have read that I have to download third party software onto it but I am not sure on the set up procedures. There are a couple of files to download on the website that apply to my router but I don't know which ones to download.
    Linksys CFE-Updater.bin
    VXWorks-killer : WRT54G v8.0 and v8.2
    VXWorks-revert : WRT54G v8.0 and v8.2
    Micro Generic dd-wrt micro generic
    Micro Generic dd-wrt micro olsrd generic

    In the wiki article on how to install it, it talks about configuring local lan ethernet, subnet and gateway address. I don't know if this is on the mac or the router and if it is on the mac how do you do it because I tried to change it on the router and said I couldn't. I have already performed a hard reset on the router I just need help installing the software on it so I don't end up bricking it. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.
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    Forget DDWRT, flash Tomato instead. Much better firmware in my opinion:

    To make a wireless repeater, you set up both the primary and repeater router as a "Wireless Distribution System" (WDS), and enter each router's wireless MAC into the appropriate field on the other router. Of course, BOTH your routers will need to have Tomato/another alternative firmware installed. You can't just wirelessly "leech" off another stock router unless you're OK with having the repeater router serve addresses on a second subnet (as it'll use the first router as its WAN address and will serve DHCP leases to its clients). And a stock router can't use a wireless WAN without alternative firmware anyway (never seen a stock router that could do that).

    Don't forget that the repeater only operate at half-speed, as the wireless repeater will need to dedicate half its wireless to incoming, and the other half to outgoing. But if you're just browsing the web or doing light file-transfer work it'll be fine.
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