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Discussion in 'macOS' started by applefan69, Dec 25, 2008.

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    To be frank i dont know where to post a thread like this, but this is my favorite board in these forums so im posting here. But mods can move this as they think is appropriate.

    So, I followed a guide, and used bootcamp to dual-boot Ubuntu, with OS X. This was fairly easy, nothing i couldnt do myself.

    Somehow i messed that ubuntu install up, i was just trying to install the wifi drivers for my macbook and i messed it up so it crashed upon start up. Not being a linux nerd i didnt know how to fix it. I decided to download a newer version of ubuntu (8.10) because that supposedly works with macbooks wifi out of install. :D

    So i burn my 8.10 disk and I go to install, the partitioning part I assumed would be simple. The way things were BEFORE were like this

    /sda/dev/ 60-somethingGB (OS X partition
    /sda/dev2/ idk i never used this parition it was only a few MB
    /sda/dev3/ 10GB (ubuntu partition... although bootcamp made my mac recognize this as a window install)
    /sda/dev4/ 1GB (this was just a linux swap partition, because i had heard it was good to have a partition the size fo your RAM, while dual-booting.

    What i did when installing 8.10 was i simply, deleted /sda/dev3/ then i made a new partition in its place and installed 8.10 in that. I assumed OS X wouldn't even notice a change.

    After install now though if i hold 'Option' key to go to the "select Start up disk" screen, it only shows Macintosh HD as a start-up disk.

    So I dont know what to do now, any help? I went to my bootcamp utility on OS X and it wont let me do anything, because it says my HD is already formatted for bootcamp.

    Here is how Disk Utility views my HDD


    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'd put your OS X install disk in and restart holding the option key. If you have the firmware prompt enter your password... and go to the installer. I am *not* telling you to reinstall, simply open up disk utility from the menu bar and verify/repair the disk. Not permissions, the disk. See if that helps any.

    The repair disk button will not be faded out when you access disk utility from the OS X install disk.

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