Lion and multiple accounts??

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by rpaloalto, Jun 7, 2011.

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    We have several macs in our household. My wife and I both have separate itunes/mac app store accounts. I'm guessing I will need to pay for 10.7 twice?

    With itunes you can have multiple accounts on a computer. As long as they are under different user logins. What about the app store if it's tied to the actual OS of the macs admin account?

    Plus like many others here, I have concerns over my options to do a full erase and install of lion. Looks like you have to start from a scratch 10.6 then update to 10.6.7. So you can jump to 10.7. :(
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    Couldn't you temporarily sign-in to the Mac App Store with your account on your wife's Mac? Download and install Lion. After everything's finished, logout of your ID on your wife's Mac App Store and have her sign back in.

    I can't see them forcing an un-install.

    Otherwise, you'll have to pay twice, just like your other iTunes/MAS purchases.

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