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    May 16, 2010
    I'm attempting to restore the winclone image i created before i clean-installed Lion.

    My original troubles came with winclone itself. I eventually found a plist hack that worked (i subsequently found out that someone had updated winclone with Lion support-- look for version 2.3).

    After getting winclone to actually start, i received an error saying NTFSprog was required...and boy was it fun looking for a version of that (I found source code and .tar files containing non self-running/installing thingy files, but couldn't for the life of me find a pre-compiled package that self-installed--i eventually did.).

    And now this brings me to the latest problem.
    Using the boot camp assistant i created a partition, and then chose the "Install Later" option when asked for the windows disk.

    I popped open winclone, started restoring the Winclone image (the image was 15 gigs -- my hard drive originally had 14 gigs of used space, and 51 free, so the partition that i backed up was 65 gigs).

    I started getting errors that my image was to large for the boot camp partition, so i erased the boot camp partition, added another few gigabytes, and the image FINALLY started to install.

    It made it about 95% of the way through before it pinged me and told me that there were errors...and that i should check the log file....the only problem is, I CANT FIND THE FREAKIN LOG FILES!!!!

    I'm about to start breaking noses. Gimme a hand please.

    (I understand that this is a long post just to find out where the log files are, however--as a techie myself, and as someone who has been building windows pc's and fixing them for 10+ years, i understand that it's MUCH MUCH better having too much info than too little. Also, if anyone is aware of, has a fix for, or is currently having the same problem as me, this conversation could develop a basis for a solution.
  2. bubba*nix macrumors member

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    Go back and check this out:

    I've updated this to fix some of the issues in the underlying code and included NTFSProgs into the dmg.

  3. fhall1, Aug 23, 2011
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    Is there a mirror for 2.3.1? I keep trying but can't connect to the link. I get to roaringapps ok, but can't get the download.

    EDIT: got the file this morning....must be my ISPs DNS finally decided it could find the domain after all.
  4. bubba*nix macrumors member

    Aug 9, 2004
    Raleigh, NC
    Not your problem; my provider has been having issues.
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    I've actually thought about this a while and thought of a possible solution for Winclone not working - what about cloning the windows partition onto a partition on an external hard drive, and then clone it back into bootcamp in Lion?

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