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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by crazytrain, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Just tried to install Lion on my MacBook Air rev A. After nearly 3 hours of a grey screen and spinning, I restarted the computer. I essentially now have a brick! Just got Install utility when it restarted, and an option to reinstall Tiger, or use a Timemachine backup. Tried to reinstall from Timemachine backup, but whilst Timemachine is recognised it can't find a hard drive to install on. Any advice greatly appreciated...

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    Advice #1: never install a ".0" version of any OS.

    Advice #2: get your snow leopard DVD, install it, update it and start again.

    I hope you have an external drive.
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    Thanks for replying. Bizarrely, when I loaded up the install disk, the Air turned on and everything was still there. This despite the fact that disc utility had tried and failed to repair the disk (noting several major errors). Had another go at installing Lion and all working fine, except for a few 'power pc' applications that are no longer supported
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    It stinks that the "Power PC" app won't work, I was using MS Office 2004, can't use that any longer. On top of that, MS Office 2011 is just PP, W, and Excel, no Outlook, I am trying to get the academic version which has all 4 items, $99.95, I substitute teach and I sent my id over to MS, otherwise I will end up shelling out $280 for the 4 version discs.

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