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    Hallo, i have a problem with OS X Lion because i want to make a recovery DVD from the system for my new SSD.

    I have the Snow Leopard disc that came with my Early 2011 MBP but to save time i want to have a DVD from Lion, i have already made the USB with the Recovery Tool from Apple. The problem is that the recovery tool uses all the 16gb of the USB, apart that i dont want to use all the gigabytes for a recovery tool, i need to use it for my files (which are like a bit more than 15gb).

    Someone knows how to get the Lion ISO/DMG file from the USB to make a new DVD? The partition doesn't appears in the Disk Assistant or Finder, that is the big problem actually.

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    This procedure will create a bootable Recovery CD. You do not need to make a DVD as the Recovery image is small, it only contains a base image of the system, i.e. enough to get you booted with the tools to allow you to start a recovery. The reason that so much space is taken up on your 16 GB USB drive is that once it is dedicated as a Recovery drive it cannot be used for anything else. I think that you would be better served by creating this on a small USB drive (4 GB = less than $10), as it would boot a lot quicker. Booting from the CD takes several minutes.

    Open a terminal window and enable the debug menu in Disk Utility: (copy and paste the code below)

    defaults write DUDebugMenuEnabled 1

    Start Disk Utility, go to the Debug menu and select "Show Every Partition"

    Insert your USB Recovery disk or conversely you can create this image from the Recovery partition on your MBP

    Select your Recovery HD partition (either on the USB or on your MBP - it will be greyed out) and click on "Mount"

    Disk Util.jpg

    Your Recovery HD will now be visible in Finder

    In Disk Utility go to the File menu and select New….Disk Image From Folder

    Screen Shot 2012-01-15 at 12.55.27 PM.JPG

    Select the Recovery HD in the sidebar and select "Image"

    Select Recovery.jpg

    You will be prompted to save your new image - call it whatever you want and save it to the desktop

    Save Image.jpg

    You will be asked to authenticate to continue

    The new image will be created and mounted automatically

    Insert a blank CD (just click ignore when the system asks you what to do with it)

    Click on the new image in Disk Utility and select to "Burn"

    Burn Image.jpg

    The disk will burn, verify and eject

    Unmount your Recovery HD and uncheck "Show Every Partition" from the Debug menu

    Turn off the Debug menu in Disk Utility - in Terminal:

    defaults write DUDebugMenuEnabled 0

    All Done !!

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