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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by macuserlongtime, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Sep 9, 2011
    Is Lion the first retrograde step in over a decade? I've been using Macs for twenty years - and remember being incredibly frustrated with them. And then those frustrations got less and less and less and less - until the last os I had - I can't honestly say I had any frustrations whatsoever. It all just worked - very smoothly and nicely. To have a machine that works that way sounds like a basic thing - but in the world of technology - I've never come across it before or since. In the meantime I had to have some Windows machines and oh my goodness the comparison was massive. I've bought some top of the range laptops and you wouldn't believe how non-compatible they were - with themselves and Windows!! But what the x happened with Lion? I upgraded because I'd got in the habit of upgrading - since the past few years - each one just got better and better.

    Perhaps I should have been concerned when the emphasis shifted to making the mac more like the ipad/iphone. For me the ipod worked beautifully and I tried the first three iphones but was disappointed in basic functionality - no alarm that worked when it was off, no led to indicate emails and a battery that meant the thing died even if I'd turned it off. But I didn't let that put me off the mac - that was just what they'd decided should be the functionality of that device. It seems to me though that with the success of the iphone/ipad, Apple have shifted their emphasis so much that they've forgotten what makes a 'good' (in my opinion - a 'working' ) computer. So far, Lion has been slow - in everything - even - the biggest no-no - with Apple apps - Preview, Safari and even Text Edit! Not only that but the basics - Save As etc etc etc. My other feeling with it is that it has just gone 'wrong' - counterintuitive and putting the basics, (like drive space) out of reach. Maybe I'll have to downgrade to Snow Leopard and keep my beautiful Macbook Pro - the most stable and reliable machine I've ever owned - in a state of suspended animation. Hopefully it won't conk out on me - and as a museum piece it will show what can be done when a company cares about functionality.

    If you've read this far - thanks - rant over. It's so odd to be ranting -because my first decade or so with Apple I felt like ranting all the time and then they became amazing - it's so disappointing to see this backward move.
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    Jun 9, 2009
    +1. I haven't been using macs as long as you, but still quite a while (8 years or so). In that whole time I have never been actually frustrated or angry at the OS. Sure there were some annoyances, but trying to get my new 2011 mini set up with Lion, it was nothing but bug after bug or bad UI implementation after bad UI implementation. I actually got angry at the computer- something that hasn't happened since I stopped using Windows.

    I can list just a few off the top of my head, these are bugs/issues I have directly encountered over the past few days trying to set up my new mac, and which adversely affect how I interact with my computer:

    1) terrible implementation for multiple displays, rotation bug- fullscreen mode is a joke (more like "half-screen mode" if you have >1 monitor!)
    2) multichannel sound output over digital SPDIF is broken
    3) removal of "bounce" feature in Lion Mail
    4) loss of "save as draft" button in Mail
    5) backwards scrolling by default (makes sense if you're actually touching what you scroll, like an iPad- otherwise IMO the "old" way is more intuitive from a UI perspective when the scrolling and the finger motion have been abstracted by a mouse)
    6) Lion overrides custom folder icons in the sidebar with standard ones
    7) "Chess is required my Mac OS X" Total BS (and thank god for sudo in the terminal)
    8) Hidden Library folder
    9) Unnecessary/redundant animations slowing user operation (new window popup, scrolling through months in iCal, etc)
    10) removal of "hold down to repeat key" (and it's not consistently impelemented either! In the terminal it works like it used to- in other apps you hold down some buttons and get the accent pop-up menu. Talk about sloppy!)

    In all honesty, I can easily see where some of these issues are the result of SJ's obsessive control over Apple products. Now that he's stepped down as CEO, I'm actually a bit optimistic that people with more level heads will have a bigger role in making decisions. I mean SJ did a great job as CEO but sometimes he took things too far.
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    Apr 17, 2005
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    I really don't get how so many whiners complain about Lion on MR.

    It's probably the most stable .0 release ever for Mac OS X, and even more so now with 10.7.1 (which fixed the iMac video freeze issue); 23 days of uptime and counting here.

    One may discuss whether Launchpad makes sense and so on...but pretty much the rest is either unreasonable complaining, or a result of faulty installations/legacy backup issues. Lion is definitely ROCK SOLID for me.
  4. Ruahrc macrumors 65816

    Jun 9, 2009
    Maybe for you and that's great, but there are definitely a lot of bugs in Lion- and personally Lion has had the most bugs interfere with my usability than any other OSX to date.

    While my list above does have a lot of gripes over design decisions, there are some legitimate bugs in there as well (multi monitors, multichannel output, etc)

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