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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Dhelsdon, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I ordered my base mac mini last week and I am excitedly waiting for it's arrival. In the meantime I was wanting to test out Lion server, I've been using lion since release so I understand the server stuff is essentially an add-on of sorts.

    My question is this, Can I create a virtual machine of Lion server on my MBP then later convert it to a physical hard drive and put it onto my mini later?

    I use VMware Fusion, I used the converter before so I know it's possible. I've just never gone from VM to Physical, only the other way around. Would there be any issues doing it this way as I am coming from Macbook Pro and hopefully copy to the mini. Would drivers be mucked up in this process or should I just do a clean install onto the mini (I'd prefer not to as I will use the VM to set it up how I want)
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    Yes, you could put Lion Server in a VM.

    I wouldn't attempt going from V to P. In addition, if you are "testing" I wouldn't want to drop that on a machine I planned to use.

    I recommend getting some documentation and going through setting up Lion Server. The only real difference with Lion Server is that Apple has dumbed it down with There is still a lot of interesting things you can do under the hood.

    Get comfortable with Server and start from scratch on the Mini with confidence that you:

    1. Know what you are doing
    2. Know what you plan to use it for
    3. Set it up properly

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