Lion Server: two mail server questions

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    I was wondering about the Lion Server changes. I suspect the mail (postfix/imap) will still be the same under the hood, so my virtual domain mail setup will still work. But I am wondering about the following:

    - I know have several users who are not on my location and whose Open DIrectory accounts are mail-only. They do not have login capability and home directories. Does this remain a possibility?
    - Squirrelmail has been replaced by something more 'this day and age' in terms of UI. But Squirrelmail has one big advantage for me: management of server side sorting rules. Irrespectively of from where I log in, my mail has already been sorted according to the server side rules. And these rules also give me finer control over the use of OS X Server's spam rating values and what to do with ratings at various levels. What is the new tool and does it have those capabilities?
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    Fetchmail with Mail Sever 3

    I'd like to add a third question so this becomes a mail server thread, I run a Snow leopard Server based server for a small charity and as we don't have a fixed IP address I have had to configure it with Fetchmail to download emails from an external ISP POP account and pass them to the mail server, I always thought that this was a short coming in mac server, it has the option to allow you to route out going mail through your ISP's authenticated smpt server, but not to pull the incoming mail down, Fetchmail work well to do this but there are no really good GUI config tools, webmin that works well on linux to manage Fetchmail doesn't access the relevent information (such as Open Directory Netwoek users) to be used on OS X

    Does anyone know if there is any change on this with Lion, as I'm about to do the same thing at home (finally moved the whole family onto macs) and if Lion can do this I'll wait until it is out rather than fighting to install fetchmail again.


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    came across this thread while searching for lion server and fetch mail.

    i've had experience with the CutEdgeSystems software.
    I first ran MailServe Pro on a PowerMac G4, and then upgrading to a machine went to the MailServe for Snow Leopard when I moved to a C2D Mac mini.
    Bernard has been very helpful with any questions including migrations etc and the software has run like a dream.

    Enter this week :
    I've taken on a new MacMini lion server i7.
    After spending days trying to get lion server to do what MailServe does so easily, I gave up and upgraded to MailServe for Lion.
    I've disabled the Lion Server services and was up and running with MailServe for Lion within an hour (including migrating 5GB worth of IMAP mailboxes and setting up fetchmail).

    (and no, i'm not affiliated with Bernard - just a very happy customer :))

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