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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by bwortman, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Here is my review on the Liquid Case by Element Casse. I posted this in another thread but the title was off subject so I decided to post again. I decided to hit the following areas, so please go through and read and by all means if you have any questions that I didn’t touch on please ask away!

    WHATS IN THE BOX: The Liquid Base and Anodized Aluminum back plate, Bezel, Flip-lid (2), Allen Wrench, and extra screw.

    LOOK: In my opinion this case has the look I was looking for! Some people say that the iPhone looks like an external hard drive when using the Liquid Case, in some ways yes, but I would say that it looks like one sweet external hard drive! It grabs attention of on-lookers, yet still gives it the look that I am not afraid to have when in a professional work environment. I love the fact that when you order the liquid case, at least when I ordered it, a free flip lid came so you can change the look of the case anytime you want while not having to purchase a new case to achieve a new look . You can also buy additional flip lids for $19 in 5 or 6 different colors and around 20 different etched designs you can choose from. They also change the design on the black plate periodically (I believe each year) so there are fewer people that have the same case as yours and it will stand out more than potentially any other case.

    FEEL: I will just come out and say it…This case does add some bulk to the iPhone, no question about it. So if you’re looking for a no-bulk case this may not be for you, however the way the back is curved and the notches on the side make the Liquid Case feel much more compact. I have small hands and the Liquid case feels good and it makes it so I do not feel like I am going to drop the iPhone when I am using it. The case and flip lid are slick, but with the notches in the case I have not had an issue at all of accidental drops or close calls.

    BUILD: Excellent! I had no imperfections in this case; I had no excess material (flash), and no machining issues or scratches. I would trust this case if I dropped my iPhone and trust it would survive the fall. The case would probably be scratch up and may even get a chip, but that is better than a busted and broken iPhone. The flip lid would most likely fall off after impact and the iPhone screen would probably have some scratches, but I believe the hardest impact would be absorbed in the initial hit and that the iPhone would then survive the remaining sliding if the flip lid did become detached. The flip lid is made of acrylic and is prone to scratching.

    FIT: The Liquid Case is made to fit both the iPhone 1st generation as well as the iPhone 3G so the case is not machined to fit like a glove. This is not to say the fit is poor because I find it to be a very good fit. The only areas where there are gaps are on the corners where the shape of the iPhone 1st generation and the iPhone 3G are different. I have used the case for 5 days now and removed the iPhone twice to check for any foreign items and have not had much to talk about. A piece of lint here and there from being in my pocket, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from any other case that is being placed in the front or back pocket. I must point out that the iPhone does NOT move when in the case and I have not found any scratches on my iPhone. The bezel, back, and front of the iPhone look the same as when I first placed in the Element Case.

    QUALITY vs. COST: The case costs $109 dollars including the cost for shipping and the case in my opinion was worth it. Would I accept it for less, sure, but the product is worth the cost in this case. I would definitely purchase the Liquid Case again and I am looking at getting a costumed designed one to add even more uniqueness and show my love for the Detroit Red Wings! (Actually now in the process of getting one designed and made for me).

    SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS: One thing I would like to see and maybe even others would be the availability of a holster when purchasing the Liquid Case. A hundred dollar case is a steep cost/investment and many people may not want to place this case in their pocket so adding the option for a holster would be a smart move. Also, having the liquid case machined specifically for the 3G and another model number for the 1st Generation in order to remove the gap issue on the corners. A hundred dollar case should fit like a glove even though I have not had any issues with the gaps or movement inside the case this would reduce the chance of any foreign material lodging itself in between the case and the iPhone and causing scratches.

    CONCLUSION: I believe I have found the one case for me. The only thing that would get me to switch to another case would be if I found one that provided the look, protection, uniqueness, and quality yet was a little less bulky, fit like a glove, cost a few dollars less, and had the option for a holster. This case is a wonderful case and I am glad I made the purchase!
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    Jun 25, 2008
    I don't get buying a case that's almost as expensive as the actual iPhone and almost as good-looking.

    I want a case so I could place my phone on a table or in my pocket and not worry about it getting scratched. If I had that case I would worry about thecase getting scratched.

    And if I dropped it, even if the phone was still in perfect working order, I'd be bummed cause the $150 case is dinged up.
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    nice review bwortman :D
    btw how is the process for your custom made case?
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    You can start the process one of two ways. Give Element Case a call or e-mail them at They will probably give you an option of completing a template or just sending them some pictures of what you want engraved on both the liquid base and the two flip lids (can be two differrent designs). They will ask you for your color choice for the liquid base and the two flip lids as well. They should then send your request to their graphics department and do a complete mock up of what you are thinking.

    I am in that process right now and they are actually doing 3 different mocks for me so I can decide. I have been dealing with Jeff the entire time and yesterday we started the process so I am hoping to be able to see what they come up with here in the next couple days.

    Let me know if you have any more questions

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