Liquid damage without obvious cause?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by texfire, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. texfire macrumors member

    Nov 8, 2007
    Hi guys,

    My MackBook Pro suddenly stopped working yesterday. As in, no startup activity at all, completely dead. Adapter plugs glowing green, battery half charged (adapter never turns yellow). Took to Apple store, initial thought was logic board replacement (So lucky you have applecare they said), and then I get a call that there is water damage. There was moisture droplets under the DVD drive and therefore not eligible for free repair. Sorry.

    Now, I am completely unaware of any liquid getting into my computer. Closest I can think is reasonable is I fell asleep on the keyboard and drooled into it.

    So, I take apart my computer once I get home. There is no indication of liquid residue on the backside of the keyboard assembly. There is about 0.5 cm droplet under the DVD drive. I remove the logic board. There is corrosion on the underside of the logic board on the right hand side (if you are familiar, there's black plastic running below the speaker housing...and there was a ?water droplet on that too which is where the board was up against it corroded). There is no corrosion on the top of the logic board.

    So, my thinking is this... for there to be visible corrosion, there must be a component of days/weeks for it to develop, yet the computer had been working fine. There's no corrosion on top of logic board which is strange if that's how water was supposed to have entered it. Secondly, I'm in Houston where my computer goes from hot environments to cold AC environments repeatedly. My house windows develop condensation and leak on the floor. Has anyone heard about this happening inside a computer. I have friends whose cell phones have developed water behind the screen....

    Lastly, is there any recourse or avenue with Apple to take?
    I need a computer soon (as in the next 2 days) so I'm stuck between paying $1200 for repair, paying $1500 for a new macbook, or just getting the newer macbook pro (which is what I really want), but there's all the rumors about a new version coming out soon...

    Comments welcome...
  2. liquiddamage macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2008
    This happened to me Please Email me if it happens to you

    I am trying to compile a list of folks this has happened to. I had the exact same thing happen to me.

    Genius called and said there was liquid damage.

    If this happens to you, please email

  3. marykay9507 macrumors 6502a


    Jan 18, 2008
    more details please-- what happened to you that you are trying to get a list of folks together?

    i have never heard of condensation happening, but i suppose it is possible (hopefully a more informed member will be able to shed light on this??)
  4. liquiddamage macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2008
    Let's document the cases

    For me, they told me I had liquid damage inside my computer when no water or any other liquid has visibly come into contact with my computer aside from a moist towelette used to clean the screen (meant for that purpose).

    This means that the supposed liquid damage, if it exists, had to have come from 1) the factory - in which case I should not bear the risk 2) something inside the machine already - in which case I should not bear the risk 3) condensation - in which case I still should not, on balance bear the risk unless it is shown that I have been using my machine in unreasonable climates (which I have not) though the machine does get quite hot- something that is a symptom of its design, not my use.

    Not only that, I spent nearly $400 for AppleCare for them to fix these issues. If a mere claim of liquid damage without any proof (And I asked them for proof.) is enough to absolve Apple from warranty liability then there is something really bad wrong going on and I want to get a group of people together with similar interests in getting to the bottom of it.

    I have a hunch that there are others out there that have had Apple (and indeed as I've seen online Apple does not appear to be alone in this regard) make dubious claims of liquid damage to avoid warranty repair. I have seen a number of blog postings on this topic. I first want to get folks together that this has happened to so that we can more effectively pursue a remedy.
  5. Sun Baked macrumors G5

    Sun Baked

    May 19, 2002
    If you are in a really cold climate, and you have your machine sitting outside long enough to get really cold, then bring it into a warm humid area -- it will cause a lot of condensation.

    Usually expensive camera users really watch what is happening to their equipment to reduce this effect.

    If it is happening to people you know, it can also happen to a computer.

    And a little bit of dust and grime will make it look like liquid damage.


    As far as warranty and condensation, Apple doesn't cover it -- it used to be spelled out in the warranty, now I think it is a bit more vague.
  6. MacAddict33 macrumors newbie

    Nov 29, 2010
    Question regarding MacBook Pro & Liquid Damage

    So - question for all of you liquid damage experts out there! :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple:

    A YEAR ago (December 2009) I spilled a liquid onto a friend's laptop. I immediately turned it off and we let it dry out for 2 days. With a deep breath we tried turning the MBP on....HOORAY! It turned on. Keyboard worked, track pad worked, applications all worked. The only issue she has had for the year was that her keys were sticking - due to stickiness of the vodka drink I accidentally knocked over :(

    So - this past week (Thanksgiving) her computer stopped working. It turned on but it was just a blank blue screen with a spinning timer. She is asking me to pay for 1/2 the cost so she can buy a brand new computer. Do you guys think that the liquid spill a YEAR ago is the reason for her computer to be not working now? (It stopped turning on for 2 days and now it is just running slowly)

    When I say her laptop was working - it was 100% functional in every way except for the sticky keys.

    I am no computer genius - but I think that this kind of problem would be caused by a damaged hard drive. (which clearly was not caused by my accident because it has been working fine for a year).

    Any/all help is greatly appreciated!

    :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple:

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