liquid spill - fix or replace?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by debtman7, Aug 20, 2012.

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    So, stupidly, last night I spilled a beverage all over my laptop. I didn't think I spilled much, so I wiped it up very quickly and figured probably no big deal. A few minutes later some of the keys stopped working and then it made a loud beeping sound, froze and shut off. Whoops. When I moved it I'm pretty sure some liquid drained out of the dvd slot, though it could have been from the bottom of the case too...

    I let it sit overnight, and this morning it powered up fine. Like completely ok, except for the not working keys. I've been using it for 4 hours straight, watched videos to tax the CPU, etc. Everything seems completely fine except for some non-functional keys.

    So now comes the dillemma. I have applecare, however with a liquid spill it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it repaired through them. A new upper case (which includes keyboard and trackpad assembly) is $330. Add in another $30 for speciality tools to do the job. Replacing that looks to be quite non trivial (but hey, my warranty is already voided at this point so...).

    My main concern is what damage could be lurking under the surface. Years ago I ran my iPhone through the washing machine and it seemed to survive fine, until I upgraded to iOS 4 and suddenly it would reboot every 10 minutes. I don't want to drop $400 fixing this laptop for it to start to develop issues in the next couple of months. It's a mid 2010 2.53 core i5 machine so it's not really too old. But I could pick up a refurb 2.2 quad core i7 for $1400 and know that I have a machine that's not as likely to die on me any day...

    So this is the dilemma... Anyone know of a way I can test it out to see what problems may be lurking under the surface? Or the odds that if it runs fine for a few days it'll probably be fine for years? Like I said I really hate to spend $400 on something that may not last long.
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    Other idea is buy a refub now and get that one fixed.. once comes back fix sell it on eBay or Craiglist and let difference after repair cost go towards the new MBP.
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    In the future you should always immediately power off your machine when exposing it to liquids. Then dry the machine out before powering it on. It seems you did neither so I would not be surprised if your machine suffers long term damage. That being said, I would stop using the machine now and dry it thoroughly. You may find that the key functionality returns - as did mine after pouring half a beer onto it :eek:.

    Invert the laptop or put it on it's side at the very least. Then put either a fan or a blow drier (set on low!!!) some distance away from the laptop to force gental warming air through the keyboard and down the vents of the screen. Leave it 2 feet away or so so it doesn't get too hot. Leave the air blowing on it for 1-2 hours. Other's seal their precious electronics in bags with desiccants or rice for up to 48 hours. Don't get rice in your keyboard!!!

    Try this before a) replacing the keyboard (not-trivial), or b) selling it off as damaged goods.
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    I never drink any liquid what so ever in the same room as my MacBook pro I rather be safe than sorry
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    I agree :cool:
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    this is why I don't buy used computers
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    Ok, here's a stupid comment for you since no one else will say it. One day someone will lie to you and rip you off because they think you are in a better financial position and can afford it. Be sure and post back and let us know how you feel. What goes around comes around. The point is not whether Apple can afford it, the point is doing the honorable thing. Something you obviously know nothing about. You probably lie, cheat, and steal on a regular basis. People like you make me want to puke....
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    My daughter spilt Dr Pepper in my MBA while it was still in warranty but no Apple Care. I took it to the Genius Bar and told them what happened. The Genius said since I had never had a claim they would fix it at no charge. The MBA was fixed in less then a week. Besides the display and the aluminum base they replaces everything else. Sometimes it pays off to just be upfront and honest.
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    Wish there was still a down-vote button.
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    You're brilliant. Took you four days to come up with such a profound response. Not holier than thou, just a bit more honest than thee. I'm sure you'll probably pass those admirable traits on to your kids. Our tax dollars will be wasted on two generations of your family serving time in the same prison. Enjoy your ill gotten gains while you can. We'll change your screen name to prisoner 465387.
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    You do not need to replace the whole upper case assembly.

    Remove the bottom panel, the key board connector is next to the battery connector. See if there is any visible signs of corrosion. If there is any corrosion on the logic board, then it will need to be cleaned or it will continue to damage components. You can get isopropyl alcohol from a store that is 90% pure or greater. You can then pour some on the dirty spots and gently clean with an old toothbrush.

    Make sure the battery is disconnected.

    Let it dry completely, then you can try again.

    If the backlight is still working on the keyboard, then all you will need is a keyboard assembly for your model. You can get them for $30-$50 on ebay.

    I can walk you through the process if need be, it is a little time consuming, but not that hard.
    If you are interested, then take some high quality pictures of the logic board with the corrosion and post them.
    If you can tell me your model number, I can show you pictures of where the keyboard connector is located.

    Good luck!
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    Year old thread, dude. But good advice nonetheless! :)
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    Sorry read, Aug 2013, not 2012 duh!!!!

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