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Aug 15, 2006
The Rainbow Nation RSA
Hi, can we start compiling a nice big list of OS X bugs/problems in Leopard. It makes it easier when you have a problem to know that other people have it too.

So I'll start:

Connecting via PPPoE over Airport randomly didn't work today, it said it was connected but webpages loaded all broken.

Mail sometimes doesn't quit.

Software Update couldn't restart my mac since mail couldn't quit and I restarted by clicking power button>restart and the update didnt install.

Please add to the list. Maybe mods can sticky it.


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Jun 14, 2006
AirPort driver issue - occasionally, my bandwidth will be cut off completely, and when I click the AirPort menu in the menu bar, Leopard Kernel Panics.

QuickLook seems to crash Finder if I'm playing an H.264 video and I switch to a different app half way through the video.

Safari occasionally locks up.

When maximizing a window from the dock, it seems to jump behind the Dock (do a slow-mo maximize to see).

iChat crashes whenever I submit any error report (which always happens if I try and do video chat with someone who's on Tiger, although I also had a failed screen sharing attempt).


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Jul 13, 2007
New England
Terminal crashes upon startup everytime.

iTunes doesn't allow deletion of songs... Crashes whenever you try to delete a song from your library, iPod, or playlist.

When coming out of sleep, a lot of the time I get completely logged out of my account and have to log back in and wait for everything to load back up.


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Apr 15, 2005
Houston, Texas
Mail sometimes doesn't quit.
I noticed that sometimes when I hit command-R in mail to reply to a message nothing happens. After trying this a few times I quit and restarted mail, when mail opened there were a bunch of blank replies that I tried to create.

Also, I noticed that stacks sometimes don't render alias icons properly until you reboot or restart the dock.

The dock also disappeared on me a few times and I had to kill it and restart it from the terminal.

No kernel panics or freeze ups though! :)


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Mar 21, 2003
Repair Permission in Disk Utility is running very slow compared to Tiger.
This is true. I also hate how you don't have a progress bar like you did in Tiger. It just sticks with the blue and white "swirly" bar.

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