List of iPhone 4 issues

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by smithrh, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Since I haven't seen anything similar posted...

    What I've experienced:

    * No/very slow data transfer even with 5 bars - many threads on this. I think this could very well be a network issue, but hard to tell at this point. It happens even when not holding the phone in any way. Perhaps the ATT network (and others overseas) are getting congested at the central gateways and causing issues. Yes, this can be the case even if other phones are not impacted, depending on how the gateways are configured.

    * Outlook email issues - apparently addressed by a config file, I need to load it and see if that fixes the issue (timeouts).

    * Dropped calls/slow data transfer if antennas are bridged by fingers - can't fix, will have to use bumper/case or if someone can offer a clearcoating service, I'd try that.

    * When phone was in silent mode, phone vibrated several times, but there were no missed calls, VM, IMs or SMSs... nothing... (this woke me up and frankly ticked me off a bit)

    * When traveling across the country, the iPhone didn't pick up the changes in the timezones. My Droid did, but that's likely because CDMA requires very strict timing and the time display (including offset) can be nicely done on CDMA for cheap. Not a huge deal but I'd really want it to do a better job here.

    * WiFi passwords are either forgotten or corrupted; when using APs sometimes the iPhone re-asks for the password, sometimes repeatedly, even if the entered password is correct.

    I have not experienced, but read about:

    * Proximity sensor issues

    * ?

    * ?

    Overall, still like the phone a lot. Hardware is solid.

    Oh yeah, somehow I managed to scratch the back glass already, not sure how I did that.
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    Feb 28, 2009
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    I think everyone is tired of the iPhone 4 bitch-fest posts... give it up already...
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    Jun 19, 2010
    One more iPhone 4 issue:

    * Unfortunately owned by a bunch of whiny complainers.
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    I'm not complaining or bitching....

    Just looking to maintain a list of the various issues.

    Actually, I think that in the end, there won't be a whole lot of issues, which is the point of collating them together.

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