List of UNIX commands for Apple Remote Desktop?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by gmanist1000, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Does anyone know where I could find a comprehensive list of UNIX commands or scripts to use with Apple Remote Desktop?

    So far I've seen a script to log a specific user in.

    I work in a school environment and would love to put Remote Desktop to it's full use.

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    Do you mean the Remote Desktop admin application? It has a decent scripting dictionary and also some Automator actions to start with. Take a look at the two Computer Management videos from the link.

    Info : Computer Management and Teacher's Helpers v3.0 & ARD Action Pack v3.0

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    There won't be a comprehensive list because you can do nearly anything in ARD's "Send Unix Command" window that you can do at a full fledged Unix command line.
    There are a number of preset templates in the "send unix command" window you can start with.
    A book like this might be a helpful place to start:
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    Dec 21, 2010
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    OK you might find such a list but it is going to be really long and cryptic. I just checked on my Macbook and found over 1,000 unique commands in $PATH.

    I've been at this "unix stuff" for over 30 years and I doubt I've used most of them. I list is not what you want. You want to pick up a short book and read it. and then you can use the "man" command to look up details when you need to.

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