Listen to my music at work?

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    Is there software available that will allow me to listen to my music at work? I can't download itunes onto the computer at work, nor can I bring in any removable media or electronic devices (to load songs in the office).

    I'm stuck with Pandora radio, and it's just not cutting it. I have to create station after station to get something close to one of my playlists. Would MobileMe, for example, connect my songs to the cloud and, ultimately, to another device?

    Thanks in advance for any input,
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    Do you have Windows or Mac OS X at work? If you have Mac OS X and QuickTime installed you could listen with Safari to songs, which you have uploaded to your iDisk. I would upload them to the web folder, so you can stream them right in Safari. Just enter the url for example
    The problem here is that you not know all the urls of your songs. I would create one huge file with all your songs and then upload it to your iDisk. Then you have only to remember one url and you can listen to hours of music.
    If you have only Windows you probably have to convert your iTunes music to mp3 format before you upload.

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