Little help deciphering some logs, please?

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    I moved at the beginning of July, and I realized a couple months ago that I started getting HUGE log files (100+ MB a day) in private/var/log/Diagnostic Messages right after I moved. I don't get these files when I'm not at home, so clearly there's something happening here in my house that's generating them.

    The basic problem seems to be this bit of code, which is generated every 5-10 seconds. I've taken out the UUID in question, let me know if anyone needs it to help diagnose; I've also had to take out a ton of random characters since otherwise it won't let me post it here - I can try and screenshot what I've got if that helps.

    So, my setup is that I have one Airport Extreme plugged into my cable modem, then a second one in my bedroom acting as a bridge, which my MBP (which does not match the mystery UUID) and my TiVo are plugged into via ethernet, and I have a USB splitter that has a printer and a hard drive hanging off it for wireless access to both.

    What's really odd is that I tested this setup in my old place before I moved - same Airports, same cable modem, same equipment (except my roommate's netbook, which isn't here or on all the time so I doubt that's generating all these logs).

    A couple of questions:

    1) Does anyone know how to find the UUID of an airport base station? If I could match up the UUID to one of my Airports that would help me figure out at least what's causing the problem.

    2) Barring that - anybody got any idea what the hell's happening here? I can't make heads or tails of this log file, partly because it's got all these weird characters and that mystery UUID that I can't tell where it came from.

    Any help deciphering this would be greatly appreciated.


    Okay, since the neutered log doesn't seem to be getting any bites - attached is a screenshot of the actual log (I whited out the UUID in question because I'm paranoid, but let me know if you guys need info from it to help diagnose the issue).

    Again, this chunk of code gets repeated over and over and over and over again about every 5-10 seconds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Giving this thread another bump with more info - I've tried several things and I'm STILL getting these log files.

    For unrelated reasons, I had an Apple Hardware Test run at the genius bar that found nothing wrong with my Airport Card, and I wound up reinstalling OS X completely due to some corruption. I was incredibly frustrated to find that I was still getting the logs after the reinstall.

    I managed to narrow when the logs are being generated to "when I am getting my network connection from anything attached to my cable modem, or directly from the cable modem itself." Easy fix, just swap the modem out, right?

    Wrong. Just got back from swapping out the modem with my friends at Time Warner Cable, and while I'm able to connect to the internet just fine, these logs are still being generated. If anything, the errors are getting generated faster.

    Here's the other interesting thing - the UUID in the error message keeps changing. It's not the same one every time. I thought it was because it's always the same in little batches of error messages, but it's different from day to day.

    Posting another screenshot that I just took with the new modem running, and without UUIDs hidden. Anyone have ANY clue what the hell this could be? This is totally maddening.

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    I'm probably miles off, but I know uuid is a terminology used on the Tivo too.
    Could it be a result of Tivo software installed on the Mac?

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