Little story about my iMac problem....

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Macnator, May 20, 2008.

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Well... I purchased a DYNEX 7 PORT USB Hub few days ago... It at first wouldn't work at all..... so I tried various things...I tried blowing in the ports to clear away dust... while I attempted to disconnect the cords from the HUB I got a few electrical jolts on my fingers:eek:. that freaked me out...... anyway, I tried plugging the power supply into a different outlet... when I did that.. BAM my computer just shut off.. completely turned off.... so I started it up again.. everything seems fine.... I hope:confused:, So I tried to see what happened to the computer as a result of it shutting off... The USB Port that it was plugged into is fried... it won't recognize anything I plug into it.... so we called are still deciding what to do.... Do I just leave it.. seeing as how the computer itself seems to be fine... even though I think it isn't the same anymore.... or do I pay to have it fixed.... My mom is going to call DYNEX to give them a piece of her mind.... and we are going to talk with our friend at FutureShop to see what he thinks...

    So, what do you guys think about all this?
    All reasonable help is appreciated :)
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    What happened there is that you shouldn't have been blowing into the USB port. Some liquid flew out of your mouth, hit some metal, and made a circuit, the electricity then took the path of least resistance and overloaded you iMac, frying the USB port it traveled through, or something of the sort... you get the idea. Unfortunately, it is nobody's fault but your own in this case, Dynex won't compensate you under this circumstance. In order to get that USB port working again, you'll have to send it in to Apple (if its still under warranty they might fix it for you, it depends).
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    While the scenario iToaster laid out is entirely possible, it's also not the only possibility. It's possible that you received a device with faulty electronics, which could also lead to the same result.

    I would take your computer to the closest Certified Apple repair center (such as a genius bar), and give Dynex a call (for what it's worth, Dynex is owned by BestBuy).

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