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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by superuser2, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Mar 1, 2008
    A friend has asked me to help out with recording and live sound for his (very small) band consisting of vocals and electric guitar (which will probably need some effects).

    Recording I think I can do. I gather the standard practice is to use an SM57 in front of the guitar amp and an SM58 for the vocals, through an M-Audio Fast-Track into GarageBand. (What are the advantages of Logic Express and would I want to be using that instead?) We'd be doing single-track recording, and I have a pair of Ultimate Ears Pro 5s for monitoring. This friend has a basement that isn't acoustically treated or anything but the room is fairly dead - he can play the drums in there without disturbing his family. Speaking of drums, how does one record them?

    Is it necessary to purchase this equipment? Can you rent stuff like that for a weekend? What would one expect to pay? I also may want to help out some other bands so I wonder if perhaps, if we buy it, I should help pay for this stuff in exchange for partial ownership. Has anybody else been in a similar situation? (I am going to be paid, if that makes a difference. I just don't know that owning the equipment and renting myself out would ever be worth it.)

    Are there studios that have this equipment that would let us use it (without necessarily hiring the recording technician as well)?

    As to live, I'm totally lost. If it's just an amp and a single mic, is a Mixer/Amp/Multicore/Speaker system really necessary? I've looked at the Yamaha Stagepas but apparently it doesn't allow for a front of house mixing console. Or can we just plug a 1/4" mic into the amp along with the guitar and call it a day? I don't know how serious these kids are so I'm guessing the live venues would always be pretty small.

    I've run live shows before that were already set up in an auditorium or by a rental company that were more complex, so I know a bit about what I'm doing, and I want to take this chance to do it outside school. Can anyone offer any advice? (If you think I'm in over my head and should not be signing up for this, please say so.)
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    Jan 6, 2008
    Windsor, ON, Canada
    The guitar can feed directly into Garageband, as can a keyboard. The live drums will have to be miked.

    But I'm used to doing one track at a time, instead of live takes of an entire band.

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